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Loflin Fabrication Compact Tractor Backhoe

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Unleash your productivity with Loflin Fabrication's Compact Tractor Backhoe, proudly crafted and produced in the USA. Boasting a 12" bucket equipped with 3 interchangeable teeth and the option for personalized dimensions, this machine is fully prepared for any task with its high-quality Parker hoses and fittings. Its sturdy construction and large, lubricateable pins make it a tough yet budget-friendly option for industry experts.


  • Standard bucket 12” wide with 3 replaceable teeth (Pengo 2300 series)
  • Bucket widths available in 8”, 24” (with replaceable teeth) and custom sizes also available
  • Boom constructed from 14” thick reinforced steel plate
  • Comes equipped with Parker brand hoses, fittings, and couplers (Job site ready)
  • Oversized, greaseable pins
  • Treaded step
Loflin Fabrication Compact Tractor Backhoe
Loflin Fabrication Compact Tractor Backhoe

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