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EZ SPOT UR Heavy Duty Pole Setting Attachment

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Experience quicker and more accurate pole setting with the EZ Spot UR HEAVY DUTY POLE SETTER. Reach previously inaccessible areas with ease, thanks to its superior performance compared to a digger derrick. This attachment is specifically designed to handle large utility poles up to 45 feet long. With the Heavy Duty Pole Setter, the operator can effortlessly lift a pole from the ground or a trailer and rotate it to a perfect vertical position. The operator can then easily maneuver the pole into the desired position with complete safety and without any exertion.

Jack of All Trades Attachment

• Utilities
• Rural Electric Associations
• Electrical Contractors
• Mining
• Oil
• Foundations
• Government
• Parks and Recreations
• Piling and Shoring
• Boring and Drilling
• Fencing
• Wind Tower Installation
• Solar Panel Installation
• Electric Cooperatives

Inserts can be purchased to close the jaws down to 0.

  • Large Jaw Inserts: 17.88" Open, 0" Closed.
  • Medium Jaw Inserts: 19.26" Open, 1.9" Closed.


  •  The Heavy Duty Pole Setter attaches to a skid steer or any other  machine that is equipped with the Universal Quick 'Tach mounting system.
  • Rated for a 45 foot, 2500 pound pole.
  • Rotates 115° to the operator's left.
  • Attachment weighs 1,400 pounds.
  • The two jaws operate independently and close in sequence for safety and security.
  • As a stand-alone unit it employs two large clamp cylinders on the  base to rotate the tool-head and provide stability and precision.
  • Composed of ½ inch Grade 80 material or higher.


  • The clamping is activated by two 3” X 6” clamp cylinders with check valves to ensure safety in case of a hydraulic line break.
  • Each clamp cylinder has a breakout force of 21,208 lbs.
  • Comes standard with rubber lining on the jaws to protect the pole and allow use on any type of pole.
  • The backing plate is designed to carry the pole above the machine to facilitate the pole transportation and reduce the movement of the pole.
  • Comes complete with hoses, flush faced couplers, spring hose mount and wiring harness.
  • Can be adapted to fit excavators, wheel loaders, telehandlers and backhoes*.

EZ SPOT UR Heavy Duty Pole Setting Attachment
EZ SPOT UR Heavy Duty Pole Setting Attachment

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