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Amulet XBOOM Excavator To Skid Steer Adapter System

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"I took the tractor out to give it a test, and was truly impressed at its ability and loved the fact that the hoeclamp moves towards the bucket during the grab."

    - Jack S


    The innovative Amulet XBoom Coupler® transforms a mini excavator into a versatile rigid boom tool carrier with three integrated components. By attaching a Universal Skid Steer Adapter to the boom-end of the host machine, it allows for the use of various universal skid steer attachments such as pallet forks, augers, hammers, and more. This configuration not only reduces the machine's overall footprint, but also provides a strong frontal structure and utilizes the full range of the host machine's boom motion. With tools positioned near the machine's center of gravity, it ensures efficient lifting and carrying capabilities. Experience the power of the XBoom system today.

    Specify your excavator's make and model at checkout.


    • Work in confined areas with minimal undercarriage adjustment
    • Ability to load, travel, and unload anywhere without aggressively turning
    • Utilize almost any available universal skid-steer loader attachment
    • Precise, smooth, and safe motions

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    Amulet XBOOM Excavator To Skid Steer Adapter System
    Amulet XBOOM Excavator To Skid Steer Adapter System

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