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Amulet Severe-Duty Excavator Ripper

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"We have been using a rented Amulet attachment. We are so happy to finally own the best attachment we have ever used."

    - Jack S


    Experience unmatched performance with the Amulet Severe-Duty Excavator Ripper! Designed to conquer hard pack, shale, permafrost, and rocky soil, this attachment sets a new standard for "severe-duty". Engineered to fit base machines ranging from 2,000 to 100,000 lbs., the Amulet Ripper excels where other single point rippers fall short. Each Amulet Ripper comes "ready to work" with a replaceable chisel tooth, and the pin set is sold separately. Order now and elevate your excavator's capabilities!

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    • Severe Duty design
    • Replaceable Tooth
    • Reinforced Single Tine
    • Reinforced Connection
    • Standard tooth adapters
    • Fully Gusseted
    • Long-lasting
    • T-1 & AR400 construction
    • 2 Year warranty
    • 100% USA made

    Amulet Severe-Duty Excavator Ripper
    Amulet Severe-Duty Excavator Ripper

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