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Amulet HoeMate Multi-Tine Excavator Rake

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"We have been using a rented Amulet attachment. We are so happy to finally own the best attachment we have ever used."

    - Jack S


    Experience the unbeatable versatility and convenience of the Amulet HoeMate Multi-Tine Excavator Rake! This heavy-duty construction and demolition rake easily attaches to any machine up to 80,000 lbs and works in perfect tandem with a rigid, mechanical, or hydraulic thumb. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of specialized grapples - with the Amulet HoeMate Rake, you can quickly and affordably turn your excavator into a powerful grappling machine! From everyday tasks like landscaping and waste transfer, to more demanding projects like demolition and boulder handling, the possibilities are endless. Pin set sold separately.

    Specify your excavator's make and model at checkout.


    • Severe-duty application
    • Available for machines up to 80,000 lbs.
    • Pin on bucket replacement
    • Works on any backhoe / excavator
    • Increases grasping ability
    • Serrated tines
    • No moving parts
    • T-1 & AR400 construction
    • 2 Year warranty
    • 100% USA made

    Amulet HoeMate Multi-Tine Excavator Rake
    Amulet HoeMate Multi-Tine Excavator Rake

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