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Amulet Excavator Tilt Bucket

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"We have been using a rented Amulet attachment. We are so happy to finally own the best attachment we have ever used."

    - Jack S


    Discover the must-have Amulet Excavator Tilt Bucket, a revolutionary piece of equipment that has become standard for rental yards and contractors alike. Experience its unparalleled soil shaping and excavating capabilities, with a unique design and heavy duty hydraulic cylinders. Enhance its performance with bolt-on edges, and don't forget to add on the pin set for a complete package. Specify your excavator's make and model when ordering.


    • Full 90 degree range of tilt
    • Drilled for standard bolt-on edge
    • Offered for backhoe loaders and excavators
    • Heavy duty cylinders
    • Sizes from 6,000 – 80,000 lb. machines
    • Available as standard or high capacity
    • Efficient and versatile
    • Available in widths from 36” up to 84” (depending on excavator)
    • 2 Year warranty
    • 100% USA made

    Amulet Excavator TILT BUCKET
    Amulet Excavator Tilt Bucket

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